• Desire to Reach for Higher Grounds

    Marathon Lighting will always work hard to meet the demands of it customers. We will not rest but continue to strive higher and higher for our customers. Service for us is paramount.

  • Desire for a  Greener Tomorrow

    Marathon Lighting continues to find ways to create a greener tomorrow. With energy-saving controls and next generation LEDs, Marathon Lighting is creating a green and brighter future one fixture at a time.

  • Desire to Innovate

    Marathon Lighting strives to be different, think different, design different. We want to create fixtures that improves the lives of its users. It is in our DNA

About the Marathon Lighting

This is a lighting company that is focused on quality and service. We are a dedicated team who wants to bring the most innovative and cutting-edge technology into our products to provide to our customers. We make sure these new technology will stand the test of time. We rigorously test our products as quality and reassurance to our customers are paramount.

Coupled with a range of innovative and performance products, we strongly believe that great service goes a long way. We tirelessly provide our very best each day for our customers.

Marathon Lighting is a company that provides lighting. But to our customers, we also provide piece of mind.

  • Our capabilities

    High performance, high quality products

  • Superb customer service and support

  • State of the art manufacturing

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  • Exquisite design and precise engineering

  • Innovative solutions for energy-savings, demand reduction, and functionality

  • Certifications for performance and safety